What our home looks like from space.

Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield recently released a book of photographs that he captured while stationed on the International Space Station, the book is titled Around the World in 92 Minutes. In case you are wondering what the title means, that is how fast the ISS orbits the earth – fun fact: that is over 17,000 miles per hour, WOW!  Here are 8 images from his book that give us an entirely new perspective of our home from space.

1.The Richat Structure in Mauritania – also known as the Eye of the Sahara


2. The Detroit River separating Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario


3. New York City, on the left during the day, the right at night


4. The Himalayan Mountains


5. Florida and Cuba


6. Venice, Italy


7. Utah, the Great Salt Lake – I see a dog, do you?


8. The Nile River snaking through Africa to the Mediterranean Sea