Dinosaur Fun Facts – Part 2 – The Sauropods

Sauropods were a group of large plant-eaters with bulky bodies, small heads and very long necks and tails (kind of like a giraffe!). The biggest and least intelligent dinosaurs belonged to the sauropod family. Keep reading below for more dinosaur fun facts about the Sauropods!

Sauropod Fun Facts

  • Even though Sauropods were massive, the heaviest brain was only believed to be about the size of an apple
  • The smallest of the Sauropods was called the Europasaurus, it was only about the size of a bull
  • When the first Sauropod skeletons were found, many scientists believed they lived under water
  • Standing on the ground, the Sauroposeidon could have peered into the six-floor window of a building!
  • A Sauropod that is often not heard of is the Mamenchisaurus, it was so huge that in order to survive it needed to eat 100,000 calories a day
  • Sauropods walked the earth for a long time, for as many as 140 million years!

We hope you enjoyed these dinosaur fun facts, check back soon for part 3!!!